While serving in Vietnam:

The night before I got between the 3 RPG's (rocket propelled grenades) I sat down looking out towards the tree lined area in front of my bunker.  It was just to the right of the enterance of the LZ.  I could see the stars and moon, which supplied any light for area.

As I looked out I thought I saw something coming towards the bunker.  I rubbed my eyes and looked again.  This object appeared to look like a torpedo slighlty above the ground moving very slowly towards the bunker.  I looked again, not really beleiving what I thought I saw. 

I jumped up got Mark and the others attention, told what I saw and said we needed to get in the bunker.  Was inside for a short time and our bunker was hit and that night the Vietcong were trying to overcome our LZ.  Helicopters were flying overhead with machine guns, it looked like it was raining bullets (about every third bullet was a tracer round (you can see them at night).
   Anyway woke up after sleep and saw help was needed in field to get wounded into arriving helicopters.  See Angel of Death page.