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Christmas Outreach - MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Tribute to Our Troops


     I would ask that you become involved in this outreach program. It is the goal to reach out and touch veterans, families and friends at Christmas and New Years as well. It is stated that this is a time when some deal with depression and feel alone the most.


     We could make a difference, by reaching out by having food, music and items that have been collected.  Then a Church could use a room or place to invite the public in for this outreach program.


     It is also possible to contact a local hotel or meeting place so area Church's could unite together for this one cause, to help others in need.  Then everything could be brought there, music played, clothes. Food could be passed out and fellowship could be done there.  This may be a good idea since some may not choose to go to a Church, where they may go to a neutral site.


     If this interests you, please let the me or one of the representatives listed on the Contact Us page know and we will follow up and contact you.   


     In appreciation of your efforts in this outreach,



    Gary Tate