Name                   Branch         Location(s)         

Of soldier            served             served

Robert Tate (Father)               Army              France (passsed on 11/27/07)

Ollie Tate  (Uncle)                Army

Michael Eaton (sister in  law's brother)  Marines  Vietnam  67 - 68

Jim Brown           Air Force

Mayor Joseph Tamborino           Marines        Vietnam

Jack Tyler            Army            Vietnam

Mayor Roy Strong                 Marines         Vietnam

MSG/Rev Dorothy M. Barry Army from 1968-1988.

Lorin Walcott      Navy              Vietnam

Don Flickinger      Army

David M. Ogden      US Army      67 - 71 Vietnam First Infantry                           

SGT Aldoria Goderre, Rockie Mountain Ranger, USA Ranger, Paratrooper, Ambulance core, an American soldier affect to the Canadian Rocky Mountain Rangers during WW2, in BC Canada.

Gen. Harley Gooch United States Army

Private Cephas Perkins United States Army

Private Joseph Perkins United States Army

Travis Hayes United States Air Force

Richard Baer USMC

Mstr Sgt Samuel Egebert USMC

William Perkins USN

Ken Byers USN

Richard Williams - Retired GySgt/USMC


PVT 2  Jeremy Boche - Army - Fort Carson CO

Spec Jeanette E Boche - Chula Vista Ca - National Guard

SSG Robert Lee Workman Retired - passed on Oct 30 2007

Jack - 2nd LT - US Air Force Auxillary (Civil Air Patrol) Sqdn 207 Mt Pocono Pa

SCPO Earl J Clapsaddle(son) US Navy Retired - passed on

Emory J Clapssaddle (Father) US Army Retired -passed on

Gary L. Hilt; USMC; Vietnam

Donn Green, CWO, USN 1961-1984 Retired

SFC Anthony Scheller, Missouri

NavyDiver_35: ET1(SW/DV) United States Navy 1990-2001 - 2 tours Desert Storm Arkansas

Canada Soldiers:

Lucien Toussain, 42 Regiment, Val Cartier Quebec, Canada, 1955,  Korea . 

Gordon Kingston, Engineer,Corporal, WW2 & Korea

Charles Finch, retired Army: 2 tours in Korea, and 3 in tours Vietnam - Colonel.

 Dusty - two tours in Vietnam; Army Ranger. Papa Company 75th Airborne

James R. Dauch, Technical Sargeant, United States Air Force; 13 years in the Middle East.



Purple Heart recepient, Robert J. Dauch, U.S. Army, Korean war

James Dauch, U.S. Army, Middle East - 13 yrs